All I see is how we’re holdin’ on

Siapakah kita ini, manusiaYang dalam diam, riuh, ragu, dan tak mampuAda rahasia, tidak rahasiaAda di sini ada di situDiseret-seret waktu Kita berjalan saja masih, terus berjalanMeskipun kita tak tau, brapa jauh, jalan ini nantiDan kita tak juga rela tunduk, pada jarakDan kita tak juga rela tunduk, pada jarak Kita berjalan saja masih, slalu berjalanMeskipun kita … Continue reading All I see is how we’re holdin’ on

Life at 26: Concept of Love Yourself

I’m bringing this post from my old blog cz i think it still fit the Love Yourself theme. 🙂 Happy reading. 🙏🏻


It happens every year. Another 365 days pass, and that point in time comes back around that remarks a new age. Today is my birthday. My skin and bones have carried me through 25 years of life, and this day I met 26. I think this the first year that I actually do feel different on my birthday. It kind of scares me, because that means change is present. I’ve felt it creeping up, but it took a birthday to take a step back and dissect the current content of my life. Some things I expected, but others didn’t.

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