Dan kau terus saja berjalan pergi yang kau anggap berlari. Berharap ada yang menunggumu di sana. Tempat yang tak kau tahu jarak waktu tempuhnya. Harapan membuatmu terus melangkah tak kenal sudah. Bahagiakah itu di sana, atau hanya tipu daya?

Life at 26: Concept of Love Yourself

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It happens every year. Another 365 days pass, and that point in time comes back around that remarks a new age. Today is my birthday. My skin and bones have carried me through 25 years of life, and this day I met 26. I think this the first year that…

Love Yourself

I’ve learnt that relationship with yourself is the one that you should cherish the most. You can’t give others if you are empty yourself. I’ve learnt that you will never have everything worked out. But you will work it out along the way. I’ve learnt that talking about stuff is always good and it’s one…… Continue reading Love Yourself